Monday, April 6, 2009

Pampas Grass - Today's Flowers

This is a beautiful Pampas Grass growing in the neighbour's garden. It was flowering profusely three weeks ago. It was a real show.

Click on images to enlarge and enjoy these spectacular flower heads of Pampas Grass.

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  1. I love pampas grass,but it grows sooo big here in florida.And it is such a pain to take out.Love your pictures!

  2. I love your pampas grass!
    Beautiful shots !

  3. Marie-Louise; You know how I always admire the Pampas grass. It is just so beautiful swaying in the wind. The photos are spectacular.Love Mum.

  4. The flowers of Pampas Grass are silky and soft, just don't touch the razor sharp leaves!

  5. Love this species of large feathers..great captures!

  6. Beautiful photographs of this lovely Pampas Grass. It is so very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  7. These are just beautiful. They have the look of a big fluffy feather. Nice captures.
    Happy Spring.
    Smiles b

  8. Hi Marie-Louise

    I enlarged the photos, they are fantastic!
    Great tales, wonderful landscape!
    Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS.


  9. Tha pampas grass is really beautiful! I see from your previous post that you have chestnuts! In Austria it is too cold for them in most parts of the country. But in Burgenland there are some trees.
    Happy Easter!

  10. The pics are beautiful... It must be feeling so soft... I feel like touching it...

    Nice blog.
    Do drop into mine sometime.