Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today's Flowers - Hibiscus

These are some of the hibiscus that grow in my garden - they have the most gorgeous flowers, but the flowers only bloom for one day (a bit like a daylily).

Parts of the Hibiscus is often used in alternative herbal treatments to treat ailments and problems, such as loss of appetite, colds, wound healing, treating damaged and irritated tissue and rejuvenating the skin.

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  1. My my ... ain't they lovely? Hibiscus is the National flower of Malaysia, where I live. Yours is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.Blossom Blooms

  2. Love your beautiful Hibiscus flowers.
    Did you know that drinking tea made from flowers of the hibiscus shrub may help cut blood pressure?
    - Cheers Gisela.

  3. Wow these are beautiful i love Hibiscus

  4. Hi Marie-Louise, Tropical luxuries, wonderful Hibiscus, are they making a come back? I love the double pink one, a "musthave"! Tschau, Mum;

  5. Oh my these are really beautiful! I love Hibiscus - all varieties.
    Each of these are beautiful from the deep red and green glossy leaves of the first, the pale pink with clear raindrops, the delicate peach one, and right down to the stunning pink and its wonderful reflection.
    A very lovely post.

  6. Beautiful hibiscus! They look so fresh with drops of rain and all! The yellow one is amazing!

  7. Looking at the beautiful colours of hibiscus might cure diseases :)
    What a wonderful flower and how beautiful you photographed them!

  8. I never knew of the medicinal properties of the hibiscus before. So interesting and your photos are wonderful. Thank you.

  9. They are also used for tea, but I would hate to pick the blossoms when they are so beautiful! I think my favourite is the double pink, with the raindrops! But the yellow is such a vibrant colour!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Marie-Louise, I have Hibiscus of all colors in my garden.
    I love Hibiscus and Roses!
    Wonderful flowers in your post.
    Drops of water on that Hibiscus was fantastic!

    Thanks, Luiz

  11. You have a beautiful collection of Hibiscus, and so well photographed as well.