Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Visit to Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens has a great array of plants and trees which flower at different times of the year. Here I have taken some pictures to capture the beauty and lushness of the sub-tropical summer when it receives enough rain.

View through tall timbers (eucalyptus which have shed their bark, hence their attractive white trunks).
Path through the rose garden with my family peeking from behind the arbour.

Large tree ferns flanking the side of the beautiful pond.

Cool path through the sub-tropical foliage.

Tamborine Mountain is a volcanic plateau set within the Gold Coast Hinterland. From Tamborine Mountain you can get great views over the Gold Goast to Brisbane and Far Northern New South Wales. Rising up to 580 metres above the surrounding countryside, flat-topped Tamborine Mountain (often referred to as Mount Tamborine) has long been a favourite weekend retreat for the city dwellers to the North, and is home for approximately 6000 residents.

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  1. Marie-Louise, it is beautiful up there. It really looks sooo cool and fresh. Today I bought a Mangosteen it was delicious. It had 4 seeds which I will plant. I give you a seedling if I am successful. I am not sure how they will do in our climat, they do not like frost.

  2. Thanks Mum, that would be really great. I will take you to the gardens when the Camelias are flowering - the gardens have so many Camelias, but unfortunately they did not have any blooms. Tschussli ML