Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grevilleas flowering in my garden

Today's Flowers

Grevilleas are members of the Proteaceae family.

There are over 350 species which are native to Australia.

"Honey Gem"

"Sunset Bronze"

" White Toothbrush"

"Robin Gordon"


Spider Flower "Orange Marmalade"

"Red Toothbrush"


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Denise B. Castro
Laerte Pupo


  1. You have got a great Grevillia collection. They are all very beautiful and it is hard to choose a favourite.

  2. Oh hello, I see you are a rather "new" blogger, so welcome to the world of blogging!
    I agree that it is hard to choose a favourite among your beautiful pictures, but I like best the last moonlight picture!
    Thanks for sharing and have a nice week!

  3. wow! they're so beautiful, thanks for sharing..

  4. Oh ... I'm speechless! Gorgeous!

  5. Maie-Louise, you present us with aplendid collection of Grevilleas. If they are all in your garden, you must have a wealth of Honeyeaters and nectar feeding Possums.

  6. Arija, yes, I have many birds in the garden, especially the very tiny ones like wrens and finches, but also many rainbow lorikeets and the occasional King parrots and Blue kingfisher.

  7. What a beautiful series of Grevilleas. My daughter was saying last night how hers is going yellow (presume she fed it too much) Yours look so wonderful and in good condition!

  8. Thank you Raven. Yes, Grevilleas are most amazing plants, however, you've got to use fertilizer low in phosphorus (preferably slow release) as Australian native plants get "burnt" by the high concentration of phosphorus in general fertilizers.