Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Italianate Courtyard

The "Gatehouse".
Gorgeous flowering Plumbago flank both sides of the entrance path.

The immediate view when stepping through the "Gatehouse". I have used Ponytail palms, African Milk Trees and a large Agave Americana as focal points.

Agave Americana in all its glory - It is also called a "Century" plant because if you are lucky it might flower in your lifetime. A old fashioned "mother-in-laws tongue" plant makes also for a great living sculpture.
The plant growing on the wrought iron trellis is a Red Dragon Fruit "Pitaya". It has spectacular flowers which then turn into large red fruit which are yummy to eat. It is also known as "brain fruit" as it supposed to be good for the brain cells (perhaps it will make me smarter).

This corner of the courtyard gets a lot of sun in summer and gets very hot and dry. Consequently it is an ideal spot of succulents and cactus. The plant to the left of the bust is a "Donkeys Ears" plant or a Giant Kalanchoe originating from Madagascar.

My little "sentinal" looking over the driveway complete with bow and arrrow.

A small romanesque fountain surrounded by creeping fig adds instant charm and atmosphere. The plant with the big leaves is an Elephant ears plant (Colocasia). They usually get gigantic in a bog garden.

I think this is an Agave "Blue Glow" which seems to be doing extremely well in the pot.

Here is my other sentinal complete with sharp teeth. She likes to be in pictures.

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  1. Well done Marie-Louise. We will have to celebrate the inoguration of your blog! Love Mum.